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The SPE Commercial Pest Plan – It Works!

The Spe System
The Spe System

The System Works!

Systematics premium pest elimination program is built upon a three step process of inspection, execution, and cooperation. Our technicians service a visit conditions report, the industry’s ultimate management tool, documents implementation of these steps.

The Spe Pledge
The Spe Pledge

Our Pledge To You

We Pledge to provide the highest
quality pest elimination service
available for restaurants, hospitality, apartment building and the commercial industry: to perform our service in all way consistent with our traditions of honesty and integrity.

The Spe Guarantee
The Spe Guarantee
In Writing

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to rid your establishment of bugs, roaches, rats and mice “now and forever” that we stand behind our performance with the following protections: We will respond to pest sightings with physical treatment within 72 hours.

Systematic Pest Elimination VS. Pest Control:

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How Systematic Pest Elimination works for you:

When it comes to New York City and our surrounding Burroughs, pest control is not an easy task. It requires an exterminator that knows the city, the bugs, and, most importantly, how to eliminate them.

Regardless of the job size, Systematic has been ridding apartment buildings, restaurant and food industry establishments, commercial buildings, and residences of their pest control problems for over 40 years!

Here are just a few ways that SPE will work with you to permanently keep pests, rodents, and other problems out of your environment.

  • We will find solutions by changing the conditions which cause infestation
  • Instructing you how to prepare allows deep penetration without contamination
  • We respond to all problems within 24 hours with guaranteed physical treatment within 72 hours

Our service includes monthly service treatments guaranteed to deliver lasting results.

We retain over 90% of all our customers every year.

We provide GUARANTEED service, IN WRITING!


Pest control in New York City and the surrounding area presents unique challenges due to the dense urban environment and diverse pests. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies are crucial for effectively addressing these issues. The implementation of IPM involves comprehensive assessments of pest populations, their behavior, and environmental factors. Given the high population density and mixed land use, both structural and landscape pests are prevalent, necessitating a multi-faceted approach. Utilization of advanced technologies such as remote monitoring, data analytics, and targeted application of pesticides ensures precise and minimal intervention. Additionally, public health concerns amplify the importance of pest control in this area, demanding a balance between pest management and the preservation of ecological equilibrium. Collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies, pest control professionals, and community engagement are integral for achieving sustainable and safe pest control outcomes in the dynamic urban landscape of New York City.

The System Guarantees

We are so confident in our ability to rid your establishment of insects, roaches, rats, and mice “now and
forever” that we stand behind our performance with the following protections:

Guaranteed Performance:

Guaranteed Performance:

Should we fail to arrive for a monthly service treatment without agreed upon postponement, we will return and perform that month’s service for FREE.

We will respond to reports of pest sightings within 24 hours and provide physical treatment within 72 hours.

Guaranteed Protection:

Guaranteed Protection:

Should a problem ever develop in your establishment that we cannot eliminate and you wish to cancel our service, Systematic will pay the initial cost of another company of your choice to solve that problem.

Our Local Service Areas

Systematic Pest Elimination has provided premium Pest Elimination service to a hall-of-fame roster of New York’s finest institutions, eateries, retail stores and apartment properties since 1983.

Manhattan • Brooklyn • Queens • The Bronx • Long Island • Northern New Jersey