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Drain & Grease Trap Cleaning

Systematic Pest Elimination has provided premium Pest Elimination services to Apartment Buildings & Commercial Buildings since 1983. Don't settle for pest control when you can have pest elimination.

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Clogged Drains Attract Insects, Flies & Rodents!

The Best Service From A Premium Exterminator in NYC

Controlling drain problems in a NYC establishment is not an option; it is necessary. One clogged drain or grease trap can be devastating for a business.

Our drain cleaning services reduce the potential breeding grounds for flies, insects, and rodents to improve drainage from business-related activities. Our SPE process will turn organic waste and grease waste into fatty acids that can be oxidized into nonpolluting carbon dioxide and water, and safely released into municipal waste systems.

Primary Cause of Low Department of Health Scoring

Food & beverage service managers need an active program to manage the sustained threat accompanying decaying organic matter in drains and grease traps.

The neglect of these areas promotes fly, insect, and rodent infestations that lead to low Department of Health scoring, fines, and unhappy customers.

Systematic Pest Elimination is the premier and most effective pest elimination company in the New York and Northern New Jersey areas. We have developed a successful system delivered by specially trained and equipped teams of technicians that can provide an effective solution that safely and thoroughly eliminates fly, insect, and rodent infestations.

At Systematic Pest Elimination, we use INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) when determining the proper and most effective pest elimination treatment program for your business. No two businesses are precisely alike, and neither should the way we handle your pest elimination needs.

Systematic Pest Elimination has provided premium Pest Elimination service to a hall-of-fame roster of New York’s finest restaurant, hospitality, and retail establishments since 1983.

Partner with Systematic Pest Elimination to eliminate your drain or grease trap issues that will in turn eliminate pest or rodent issues and prevent them from returning. You can schedule online or give us a call today: 800-722-1628

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How Systematic Pest Elimination Works For You:

When it comes to New York City, the surrounding Burroughs, and Northern New Jersey, pest control is not an easy task. It requires an exterminator that knows the city, the bugs, and, most importantly, how to eliminate them.

Despite the job size, Systematic has been ridding apartment buildings, restaurant and food industry establishments, commercial buildings, and retail stores of pest control problems for over 40 years!

Here are a few ways that SPE will work with you to permanently keep pests, rodents, and other problems out of your environment.

  • We will find solutions by changing the conditions which cause infestation
  • Instructing you how to prepare allows deep penetration without contamination
  • We respond to all problems within 24 hours with guaranteed physical treatment within 72 hours

Our service includes monthly service treatments guaranteed to deliver lasting results.

We retain over 90% of all our customers every year.

We provide GUARANTEED service, IN WRITING!


systematic pest elimination

the system

The System Works!

Systematic’s premium pest elimination program is built upon a three step process of inspection, execution, and cooperation. Our technicians service a visit conditions report, the industry’s ultimate management tool, documents implementation of these steps.

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the pledge

Our Pledge To You!

We Pledge to provide the highest quality pest elimination service available for restaurants, hospitality, apartment building and the
commercial industry: to perform our service in all way consistent with our traditions of honesty and integrity.

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the guarantee

Performance Protection In Writing!

We are so confident in our ability to rid your establishment of bugs, roaches, rats and mice “now and forever” that we stand behind our performance with the following protections: We will respond to pest sightings with physical treatment within 72 hours.

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For help choosing the right solution, call today: (800) 722-1628

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control

At Systematic Pest Elimination, we care about our New York and New Jersey environment and the impact our services can have on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly green products available on the market. Ask us about our green services to discuss the options available.

Don't Let Drains Cause Problems